Web Presence

What type of Web presence do you need? Do you want to feature a corporation, brand, online store, professional services, your personality, or offer a packaged solution? We build beautiful sites from scratch or retrofit existing sites that achieve your goals and do more for you. We also build website networks used by companies with multiple offerings and target audiences, or by brands seeking to syndicate content across many channel partner sites.

Professional Sites
Professional Sites

Websites, Microsites, Partner Sites and Landing Pages

TransitionITnow designs, builds and hosts professional-quality interactive sites loaded with content designed to proactively engage customers. Your site is only as good as what flows through it, and only as effective as its ability to attract and deliver the relevant content your customers and prospects are looking for. That's where we shine! We build sites from scratch or retrofit existing sites to achieve your goals and do more for you.

• Websites – sites that build your business reputation, sell your personality, and/or help you sell products and services

• Microsites – single purpose sites that deliver your message for a single product, service, company division or marketing campaign

• Partner Sites – for dealers or VARs working with partner channels in a sales territory

• Landing Pages – for distribution of published materials or special offers, event registrations and downloads

• Social Pages – Get into a conversation with followers using call-to-action content that truly matters to them

• Online Events – Coordinate physical and online event management to reach a wider audience 

Collaborative and Multichannel Networks

Building Bridges and Pipelines: MultiChannels and Partner Collaborations

Spinoff sites are ideal for companies recognizing the advantages of creating content networks composed of multiple channels and sites each dedicated to an audience segment, a marketing campaign, or a specific product/service. 

Branded marketing pipelines can empower sales partners. Rely on TransitionITnow to develop your Web Partner Network. We build bridges of collaboration and co-branding from brand to customer by facilitating sell-thru pipelines for marketing and messaging outflows.

Brands benefit* from:

…Integrating content distribution through  a single Network

…Aligning messages for products & services with VAR priorities

…Winning VAR loyalty, growing customer demand and results

*Note: Perfect for MDF support.

Partners benefit:

…Without taking up a lot of their time

…Full support for their site in response to their local needs

…Turnkey solution with one-on-one VAR customizing support

Affordable for smaller partners so they can grow

Collaborative and Multichannel Networks
Online Stores
Online Stores

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Online stores can be independent sites or they can be added as a site feature. But there’s more to it than just building a store that looks appealing. It’s also about running it — 24/7. Can you give it the attention it needs? If you are looking for a fully featured and assisted E-Commerce solution, look no further. Get a beautifully designed catalog site featuring your products with special offers, seamless shopping cart and checkout experience built right in. Your store site can be managed per your instructions: orders, inventory, transactions, shipping and much more with amazingly easy-to-use tools. Features include:

• Online Product Displays

• Customer-Interest Content

• Product Inventory

• Seamless, Secure Checkout

• Real-Time Shipping Integration

• Orders and Customer Management

• Unlimited Discount Codes…and more.