Cloud Platform

Superior technology makes your Web presence more powerful. Our TITN Web Platform contains a Cloud-based Content Management System with reliable and effective tools and automated features. You get an SEO marketing engine built-in and configured to deliver your site to Page one listing on Google for a range of relevant keywords; hosting and maintenance on the Cloud with redundant uptime security; and a range of managed services, tools and features packaged to suit your goals and budget.

Built-In SEO
Built-In SEO

Getting Found By Qualified Prospects

Eighty-one percent of people use Search Engines to find products online, but 75 percent never scroll past the first page. Visibility is key to finding your site and this requires a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiative. Our Cloud-hosted platform has a built-in interface with Search Engines. Your website is optimized right from launch with keywords, phrases and location tags that will make your site visible at the top of Google, Bing and other search directories. 


You can spend thousands of dollars just to get traffic to come to your site, even if those visitors are not qualified prospects. This feature alone will save you from straining your budget...and it is customized to reach your qualified prospects.

Hosted and Maintained

Don’t You Worry About A Thing

The TITN Cloud Hosting platform is secure, stable and backed up.


Our team watches over your site to make sure that everything works perfectly. And the cost is included in our package so you don't get nickel-and-dimed for this or that. Here's something you don't have to think about.

Hosted and Maintained
Packaged and Managed
Packaged and Managed

Affordably Priced and Customized for Your Budget

Here's the deal. You want to do business online. You want to afford to do it. You don't want to be bothered with website issues. Our job is to get it done for you.

packed and managed

Every company has its unique goals and ways of working. So, first, we take the time to research and understand your company and what needs to be done to optimize your chances for success online. Then we create a custom package that makes sense for your company and budget. We won't kid you. To be successful online can get complicated. But that shouldn't be your problem. Once you have a suitable package, we manage the complicated stuff and make it easy on you.